About ITWSwitches

Proven products since 1954

Since our beginning the world renowned product brands of ITWSwitches, ITWMcMurdo Connectors and ITW ERG Components have become a world leading partner and is the “”Original Switch Partner”.

When your design requires a versatile, robust and reliable switch, ITWSwitches is the company that you can turn to. With over 60 years of design and engineering expertise, we are able to recommend the best product for your application. We design and build both standard and custom switches that are trusted by top companies to meet the toughest applications in their industries. From industrial machinery to communications, transportation and agriculture to aerospace and military, ITWSwitches is known for quality and consistency. We’ve built our reputation for reliability in applications that demand maximum performance.

ITWMcMurdo Connectors first started manufacturing connectors in 1956. Since that time we have developed a range of connectors which have provided our customers with high quality and reliable interface solutions.

ITW ERG Components has been manufacturing electrical and electronic products since 1942. In 1971, ITW received the first patent for a dual-in-line switch.

About ITW 

Illinois Tool Works

ITW (NYSE: ITW) is a Fortune 200 global multi-industrial manufacturing leader with revenues totaling $14.1 billion in 2019. The company’s seven industry-leading segments leverage the unique ITW Business Model to drive solid growth with best-in-class margins and returns in markets where highly innovative, customer-focused solutions are required. ITW’s approximately 45,000 dedicated colleagues around the world thrive in the company’s decentralized and entrepreneurial culture. www.itw.com.


The ITW Business Model is a powerful and proprietary set of strategic, operational, and cultural practices that have been in a state of continual development and evolution inside the company for over 30 years. When properly applied, the ITW Business Model delivers superior performance and value for our customers, high-quality growth with best-in-class margins and returns for the company, and consistent top-tier financial performance and returns over the long term for our shareholders


When we launched our enterprise strategy in 2012, our stated goals were to deliver solid growth with best-in-class margins and returns. Over the course of the past seven years, we have made significant progress toward achieving these goals. In 2019, ITW’s operating margins were the highest in our proxy peer group, we ranked number two in our peer group in return on capital performance, and in a challenging macro environment, we outgrew our markets by one percent.

Through the execution of our enterprise strategy, our aim is to position the company to deliver top-tier industrial sector performance over any five-year period regardless of the environment. In order to do so, we need to be able to generate high-quality growth when market conditions are favorable and be resilient enough to continue to perform and execute on our long-term strategy when they are not.


ITW’s business portfolio is comprised of seven market-leading segments that, while they operate in different industries, all share the following fundamental characteristics. They serve end-markets with strong and sustainable differentiation attributes where the performance of the products they developand market is the dominant value driver for the customers. Their end-markets are supported by positive long-term macro fundamentals. They have strong and enduring competitive advantages with relevance to key market trends. They have significant potential to drive above-market organic growth over the long term. They have the ability toleverage the ITW Business Model to generate consistent best-in-class margins and returns