AJAX progress indicator
  • Transducer:
    A device that converts a mechanical input into an electrical output.
  • Translucent:
    Transmitting light so that objects lying beyond cannot be seen distinctly.
  • Transparent:
    Transmitting light so that objects lying beyond can be seen distinctly.
  • Travel:
    The distance that a switch button moves between events like operate point, reset point or other point of interest when operating the switch.
  • Trim Switch:
    A switch used to provide 2 or 4-way actuation - often up/down or up down/right left control.
  • Trip Point:
    The position of the button or toggle of a switch when the switch operates.
  • Truth Tables:
    The output code or connection sequence from a thumbwheel switch.
  • Two Circuit:
    Refer to Form Z. Includes single pole, double throw and double break configurations.
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories):
    A testing and safety certification agency for consumer products.
  • VAC:
    Voltage, alternating current (see AC)
  • VDC:
    Voltage, direct current (see DC)
  • VDE:
    Verdband Dentscher Electrotechniker Germany’s equivalent to USA Underwriters’ Laboratories.
  • Voltage Drop:
    Change in voltage that results from a current passing through a device. For switches Voltage drop is typically referred as Contact drop DV.
  • Washable:
    Applied to PC board mounted devices indicating compatibility with cleaning processes used after soldering. No degradation of electrical or mechanical parameters occurs. A switch is sealed to keep contaminants out of the contact area.
  • Watertight:
    A seal rating that indicates that water cannot get in when the item is submerged in 3 feet of water.